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Titans preview from Johnny O

A good look at what’s to come


This one hasn’t been discussed nearly as much as Young, but the reality is RB Chris Johnson may be the biggest concern Sunday for the Colts – no matter who plays quarterback. Johnson is the NFL’s leading rusher – no easy task in a league in which Adrian Peterson also works – and he is more than just a productive runner. He’s scary fast, and one of the few backs who is a legitimate threat to break from any situation against any defense. The Colts held Johnson to 34 yards on nine carries in October and a big reason was they got the lead in the first half and the Titans stopped using Johnson much after that. LB Clint Session delivered a huge hit on Johnson in that game, and Johnson wasn’t very effective afterward. The reality is the Colts probably won’t hold Johnson to that total again. As Caldwell said this week, great runners get their yards and the Titans likely won’t go away from him so quickly – even if the Colts get a lead. The key will be limiting him to one or two big runs, not four or five.