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TMQ says Run 3 Times

As Deshawn Zombie predicted in our latest podcast, Page 2’s Greg Easterbrook took the Colts’ fourth quarter play-calling to task, referencing his theory that sometimes all a team needs to do is run the ball into the line three times and everything will be okay:

Sweet ‘N’ Sour Sequence: Leading 22-20, the defending champion Colts reached first-and-10 on the Tennessee 31 at the two-minute warning, with the Flaming Thumbtacks down to two timeouts. TMQ’s Law of the Obvious holds: Sometimes all a team needs to do is run up the middle for no gain, and things will be fine. Had Indianapolis run up the middle for no gain three straight times, then attempted a field goal, things likely would have been fine. Instead, Peyton Manning threw incomplete, stopping the clock; then threw incomplete, stopping the clock; then was sacked. After a shanked punt, Tennessee took over on its 20 with 1:37 remaining, needing a field goal to win. That was sweet for Tennessee. Then the Titans failed to heed football wisdom: When it’s late, and everyone is watching the sidelines, throw down the middle. All Tennessee passes on the Titans’ final drive went toward the sideline, although Indianapolis was blitzing safeties and the middle of the field was open. That was sour.

Deshawn Zombie Comments: One of my favorite nuggets this week came from Bill Polian’s comments on the Bill Polian Show. Last week, we commented that Foxsports Czar was a bit off when he suggested that allowing defensive players to wear audio receivers would cut down on cheating. Polian echoed these comments. He said that originally, he voted in favor of letting one defender wear a receiver. Now, he said that because of the options for MORE cheating, he will not vote in favor this year. This directly refutes both of the Czar’s assertions (1. the resolution will be approved this year and 2. it would cut down on cheating).