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Tony Goes Prime Time

The news officially came down the pike today that Tony Dungy will be joining the NBC “Football Night in America” pregame crew this season.

The show, which featured a mish-mashed collection of talking heads last year, has been completely revamped.  Rodney “The Polar Opposite of Tony Dungy” Harrison will also join the show.  The pairing of Dungy and Harrison is exactly the kind of incongruity TV people love.

As for Dungy, this move isn’t totally unexpected as it provides him a weekly forum to keep his face in front of people. For Tony, this is a once weekly gig that won’t take him away from his family, probably pays good money, and keeps him in the news.  Knowing how seriously Tony takes his public forum as tool to talk about the things that are important to him like family and the fate of America’s at risk youth, it makes sense that he took a job that was high profile and not nearly as demanding as coaching was.

CHFF weighs in with an article about the single best seasons at each position this decade.  Jeff Saturday takes home the award for the center position, and garners a nice write up about his 2006 campaign, including a nice mention of his speech that saved the season (Nice work by Johnny O on that link).  Other Colts appearing on the list are Manning’s 2004 tilt (runner up to Brady ’07…that’s a hair splitter not worth arguing over)  The Zombie took home an honorable mention for his 2007 season behind Ed Reed’s 2004.

Foxsports has the Colts-Pats as the number two current rivalry behind the Steelers-Ravens.  That may flip this year.

Did you know the Colts were big losers this off-season?  They lost Harrison and the coaches are up in the air.  That’s why.  I am not buying it.  For the millionth time, I love Marvin Harrison and would lay down in traffic for him, but he wasn’t good last year.

A scout likes Freeney to have an even better 2009 than 2008.  That’s a scary thought.  He was stone cold amazing in 08.