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Top Jaguars fan sites

Last night at a welcome home party, the question was posed as to what Demond and I would call our blog if we were Jaguars fans. The top options as posed by our friends:

10. iwanttodie.com
9. floridaiseffinghot.com
8. jaguarsareamongthefierceranimals.com
7. kittypower.com
6. roarletsgojagwars.com
5. ourcoachsucksbutwearsasuit.com
4. indyenvy.com
3. jvillejholes.com
2. poop.com
1. faguars.com

Nice job guys, those are lovely. Personally, I prefer 9to18.com, which would capture the true Jacksonville spirit of David Garrard to Matt Jones. Man, I can’t wait for October 22nd.

Demond Sanders’ Comments: I would add keepchoppingwood.com as well as losangelesjaguars.com (seriously whoever registers that domain name now is going to turn a tidy profit).