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Trying Not to Overract

There are a few things I can safely say about yesterday’s game:
1. Tim Jennings is terrible. We’ve been pounding this theme for over a year now. He has had some nice plays, and good games (last week), but most of the time he’s been bad. Anyone that doesn’t buy that didn’t see yesterday’s game. Kelvin Hayden’s injury may prove as devastating to the Colts as any we’ve seen, including Freeney and Sanders. I don’t say that because Hayden is at that level, but because there’s no way to hide a cornerback.
2. I realize that it was windy, but we said several times last week that we didn’t think the offense was ‘back’. I think that’s been proven. There are still a lot of players out, and the whole unit just isn’t right.
3. I continuously defend the coaching staff, and frequently feel that fans blame coaches for things that are out of their control. That being said, Dungy and company failed miserably yesterday. The Colts clearly weren’t ready to play yesterday from go, and the ‘4th and 1’ exchange of Dungy not going for it and McCarthy doing so altered the game irrevocably. I’d call it a trap game, except at 3-2 the Colts weren’t good enough to fall into traps. They did so anyway. I have a feeling this team has a tendency to think of itself as better than it really is, so expect more games where they just fall asleep at the wheel.
4. This is a very average team. There may be reasons for that based on injuries, but at some point that ceases to be a factor that can be considered. Apparently, this is the kind of team that can blow out average teams, and can be blown out by average teams.
It’s going to be grind all season long. There are going to be more weeks like this one.
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