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Tuesday Morning Camp Report

18to88 reader Merr checks in with a camp report:

  • Sets of drills were right in front of me – like 60 feet. 
  • Hard to make definitive statements but Hughes was easily getting the corner on CJ and really jumped out at me. 
  • Had Foster at the other DE because Mathis and Freeney were in shorts.  Foster beat Diem big time on one play and had to throttle it down near #18. 
  • Chick didn’t do much when I watched him.
  • Gonzo looked good and quick. 
  • They rotated the #1’s in the receiving corps and exclusively used Reggie, Gonzo, Garcon and Collie.  My opinion is that they’re planning on wearing teams down by rotating in fresh receivers. 
  • Juice didn’t impress me – tight hips. 
  • Giguere’s physique is impressive, easily the strongest best built receiver – reminds me of Clark minus 4 inches, not sure about his skill level. 
  • Tight ends look good too.  We could be really deep in the skilled position category assuming good health. 
  • Peyton, of course, looked great. 
  • Addai and Sanders were in shorts.
  • Adam Terry was too – looked to be limping to me and given his history I’d say he’s a real long shot.
  • I thought Townsend actually looked pretty good to me and might be a decent stop-gap at corner.