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Ugliest One Year-Old Ever
I’ve never been fan of first birthday parties, but women really seem to dig them, so in honor of our many female fans (let’s see…there’s Coltsgirl and…um…my wife sometimes reads…and, ah…), we are going celebrate our first birthday anyway. One year ago, 18to88 got off to this rather inauspicious start. Since then we’ve posted 625 more times and our 6 readers proceeded to click on us 65,000 times. Thanks mom, BobM, and JC!

I want to give special thanks to Demond who wrote me one day last year to say, “We’re doing a blog. It’s called 18to88.com. Start posting.” And with precisely that level of thought and care we’ve proceeded ever since.

I’m going to celebrate by smearing cake all over my face.

Robert Vaden needs only to get drafted by the Pacers to become one of my favorite athletes ever. Playing at Pike and hitting a game winning three in the NCAA tournament for IU gets you part of the way there.

I griped most of last year about how I’m not a draft/combine guy. This list from SI is one of the reasons why. You just never know about any of these guys until they put on the pads and start hitting. One quibble…I wouldn’t list Vince Young as evidence the Wonderlic is irrelevant just quite yet.

This is a fairly creepy article. I’m dying to hear what Sheffield has to say. I never thought I’d utter those words.

Thanks Coltsgirl.