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Vacate These Premises

I’m on a mini-vacation with the family, so this will be quick:

Kuharsky does a fantastic piece on Ugoh.  The only thing I don’t understand about Ugoh is the angst and doubt expressed by so many concerning his play.  Is he an All-Pro?  No.  He is also far from the biggest problem on the line right now.  Both guys to the right of center deserve far more scrutiny based on last year’s play. 

Some observations:
1.  Ugoh is better at LT than Charlie Johnson was.  Oehser and BBS did an excellent podcast the other night, and they heaped praise on CJ.  I agree that his work at guard was admirable last year, but it isn’t true he can play four positions on the line.  I think he can play either guard spot well, but he’ll get 18 killed if he winds up back at tackle. (that being said, he’s still a valuable player who filled in well for Lilja). Ugoh has been far and away the best option at LT, and I hope he’s the biggest problem on the line this year.  If he is, the line will be very good.

2.  Ugoh has been hurt, and injuries destroy a player’s production.  Just like the revelation that Tim Jennings was banged up until late last year (when his play suddenly improved dramatically!), knowing that Ugoh has been hurt should get him some slack.  Lost practice time and nagging injuries can make an above average player look below average, especially a young player still learning at this level.

3.  Given the games and practices he’s missed, Ugoh is basically early in his ‘second full’ season of play.  There’s still plenty of time for him to improve.

I’m not trying to apologize for him.  He is a work in progress, and needs to improve.  I just worry more about why Diem played so poorly on the other side.

Next up:
Tanier is back with a new Walkthrough.  The penalty discussion is a must read.

Oehser lists his top-10 Colts’ MVPs.  Mathis is still too low, but he gets Freeney right.  Freeney has to be number two.  I can’t take any list seriously that puts him some place different.

Whitlock says athletes shouldn’t get married.  In it he states his position from last week a little differently:

I’m not dismissing the smaller, more obvious lessons: McNair needed
to keep his butt at home with his wife and kids

Apparently, I did read him wrong last week.  This time he was more clear; he added McNair’s wife to the comment.  As for his larger point, I agree to this extent:  Don’t get married unless you are prepared to take it seriously.  I think that’s what JWhit was getting at.