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Welcome to my world, Kentucky


The Indiana University athletic department issued the following statement this afternoon:  “Welcome, UK, to a very special place that only a handful of basketball programs will ever experience.  There is no doubt that you are one of the five most storied programs of all time.  But lately you have fallen on hard times.  You’ve just shelled out millions of dollars and signed a loooong term contract with a coach on the desperate hope that he can turn your embarrassment of a program around.  He wasn’t your first choice, but he can’t be worse than the last guy.  Your fans expect the world, but there’s a very good chance they are all insane.  If things don’t work out right this time, well, let’s just say… we’re not so different, you and I.” 

This is some of Kravitz’s better work

It’s not Manny, but this makes me happy.

Tom Brady couldn’t be a bigger douche.  Is it even debatable at this point?  He’s one step away from quitting football to be an underwear model in Europe.  Thanks to my buddy Tim for the link.