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Well it’s not 18, but 4 is OK

That’s because we just post the Vince Young Files, Volume IV. Normally on Friday, or Saturday or whenever we get to it, we post our Eyes in the Backfield column, but honestly, it’s a ton a work to do for a game that doesn’t matter much. So in honor of Sunday night’s clash of the Titans (ho ho!), we are going back to another of our favorite recurring characters, Vince Young.

I’d say our conclusions were surprising, except that if you’ve read the VY Files Volumes 1-3, you can probably guess at what they are going to say: Vince Young’s play has little to do with whether or not the Titans win or lose.

At this point, you can’t really say, “Vince Young just wins games”. You can’t really even say, “Vince Young just loses games” (a phrase originally coined for Vinnie Testaverde). Now, all we can say is:

Vince Young just plays in games.

Also: The Zombie is getting some serious mo for DPY. That was my blogging attempt at becoming a short order cook. I have to say, we are obviously thrilled as our infatuation with Zombie Bob is well documented, and fairly obvious given our pseudonyms. I’m still a little steamed about Gary Brackett not making the Pro Bowl though. Bob is a beast, but I don’t like for people to turn him into a one man show this year. He certainly was in the playoffs last year, but let’s not forget about how great Bracket is.

What the heck, A COLT IS GOING TO WIN DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR! Will wonders never cease.