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What a joke

Marvin Lewis is the AP Coach of the Year.

He took the award over Sean Payton, Norv Turner, and Jim Caldwell.  I am glad for Lewis.  He did an amazing job (6-0 vs. the AFC North).

But excuse me while I laugh.  Jim Caldwell smashed every NFL record for a rookie head coach this season.  He started 14-0 before losing two meaningless games to close the year.  Someday we’ll look back and joke about this award.

Whether the Colts win the championship or not… this vote should not have been close.  Caldwell took over for a living legend.  His prior head coaching experience consisted of a 26 – 63 record in the NCAA.  Caldwell took the reins of a team most experts expected to take a step back.

The team was without its HoF receiver.  The team lost said receiver’s replacement in the first quarter of the first game.  The team lost its DPoY safety.  The team started two rookie corners for much of the season.  The team switched Left Tackles just before the opener…  And all Caldwell could muster was the third best regular season in NFL history.

If Jim Caldwell wins in Miami it will cap one of the greatest coaching performances ever.  In any sport.

Rookie or otherwise.