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All the Stops

I’m a fan.  Which means that as soon as one victory is notched, next week’s game starts to worry me.  I started thinking about the Titans game during the second quarter of the Seahawks games.  Sad, but true.  By that point it was already pretty clear the Colts would be 4-0 heading into a Sunday night game against the 0-4 and reeling Titans.  I immediately thought about Jeff Fisher, and how he’s the last coach I’d want to face in an end-of-the-world scenario.  Jeff Fisher doesn’t give a crap.  His only motivation is to win.  He doesn’t worry about being fired or what the press will say.

In 2004, I sat in my RCA Dome seat aghast as Fisher’s team kicked onsides three times in the first quarter of a game.  The Titans later faked a punt.  I was furious.  I was scared.  I was impressed.

And that’s why I won’t sleep well Saturday night.  Jeff Fisher was born to survive the apocalypse.  Can the Titans be beaten?  Yes, obviously.  But the Colts will have to pass a test first.  The Titans secondary is banged up and playing badly.  It will be tough to beat the Colts playing straight up.  Which means Jeff Fisher is going to do something crazy on Sunday.  Something crazy smart.

Here are some brainstormed ideas of what we might see (it won’t be any of these):

1.  Jeff Fisher will go for it on every fourth down fewer than five yards.

2.  Jeff Fisher will bench Chris Johnson and throw on every down.

3.  Jeff Fisher will punt on first down.

4.  Jeff Fisher will let Vince Young step onto the football field.

5.  Jeff Fisher will shoot taze Peyton Manning.

DZ COMMENTS:  You have to think we’ll see VY in a wildcat set up, right?  That’s going to happen for sure.  He sucks, but he always played better against the Colts.