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What’s on deck…

It’s a Saturday before a preseason game, so forgive me for taking care of a little house cleaning.

A summary of upcoming ‘events’ from 18to88.com:

Tomorrow:  I’ll be doing a live game chat during the preseason game. I’ll probably do them throughout the preseason.  Stop by here at game time and we’ll shoot the bull.  Check around noon tomorrow and the link should be up.

Friday:  Don’t forget about the 18to88.com Madden Tournament.  Here are the details.  The tourney is free and first place wins a copy of Madden 11.

SaturdayMarla will return with another column.

Coming soon: The rumor is that I’ll be writing a regular column on Cold Hard Football Facts this year.  Details to come, but it’ll be more than what I did last year in just writing game summaries.  No one knows how to irritate Colts fans as much as CHFF.  At least you’ll know that once a week during the season it’ll be safe to check!

I’m hoping that Luke will make his triumphant return soon, but his wife is super-pregnant and they are preparing for a home birth that will hopefully happen any day now.

Hopefully, 18 Plays will return after the 3rd preseason game.

The 18to88 Fantasy Football league will be returning soon.  I’ll invite the returners personally and then open it up for new comers. If you didn’t get in last year, but I promised you a spot for this year, email me now. I’m not sure how many open spots there are, but you’ll go to the head of the line.

Be sure to check out our newest sponsor, Three Scoops of Love.  They sell custom Colts jewelry.  It makes a great gift. You can see their ad on the right.

If you have a business and are interested in advertising with 18to88.com, email me at 18to88@gmail.com, and I’ll let you know what the options are.

Also, be looking for our yearly NFL predictions piece. It’s our biggest piece every year, and this year will be suitably epic.  We have the theme ready to go and work is underway.

As always, don’t forget about Blue Blood, book and history of the Indianapolis Colts.

For those who haven’t seen my wife Deb’s blog, it’s spectacular.

Finally, make sure and sign up for my tweets at @18to88