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Where Can I Find the Game (Full)

It’s no secret that while my heart is firm entrenched in Indianapolis, I currently live overseas.  Because of that, I sometimes have to be creative about how to access Colts games.    The DirecTV Sunday ticket is cheap here in Argentina, so I’m a subscriber to that.  Unfortunately, it only gives 6 games a week, instead of the full slate.  So, for when the Horse isn’t on my TV,  we’ve also invested in a Slingbox.  This nifty device allows you to watch your home TV (or in this case Demond’s) from any computer connected to the internet.  Now, you can even watch it over an IPod Touch via an App.

Those solutions are great if you have enough time and planning, but what happens when at the last minute something goes wrong and you can’t find the game on TV, or you are forced watching the Bills and Jets play in OT and are forced to miss the opening kickoff of the Colts game?

“Where can I find the game?” is perhaps the most asked question during our live game chats.  Well, now we have answer:  channelsurfing.net.  Here’s is a review of the site by one of our readers, Cass:


A lot of Colts fans are out-of-towners. This honestly sucks for them because they only get some 4-6 regular season games broadcast to their house a year. Some of them order NFL Sunday Ticket, which solves their problems, but others cannot justify that kind of cost to their spouse (or parents, for that matter). Those people are stuck without the games on TV, so they turn to the Internet for help. However, many online streaming sites are unreliable and often have bad quality video and audio. This is where the great streaming site channelsurfing.net comes in.
Here are the positives of using channelsurfing.net for sports instead of another online streaming site:

  • It is much more reliable than other streaming sites. Here is an example. As a little test of its reliability, I went onto channelsurfing.net at 8:10 today (8/29), scrolled down to this time slot, and played every NFL preseason game they had there. The first thing to note is that every current game was there (7 games); none were completely missing. Even better to note is that 6 of the 7 games there had full quality video and audio of the game in real-time. 6 out of 7 games is an outstanding record for a practice that we shall say is not sanctioned by the NFL. The last game (Tennessee at Cleveland) had no video, but they had the audio of a radio broadcast for the game going in real-time. So, in the rare occurrence that they can’t get the video stream for the game, they will at least hook you up with audio. Something is better than nothing, right?
  • The video for the games are high quality. There is absolutley no grainy or snowy pictures on this site, and no stopping and starting in the video. That can often be a problem with other streaming sites and weak signals.
  • The video and audio in the game match perfectly. It may sound like an obvious thing, but sometimes when you go to streaming sites, you get an effect similar to if you turned your TV on mute and then turned the radio broadcast of the game on. You don’t get that delay on this site.
  • The site is absolutely free with no registering or signing up required. This one speaks for itself.
  • There are absolutely no viruses on the site. This is a big one, as many so-called “free streaming sites” are just sites with a boatload of viruses waiting to send your computer spiraling into the blue screen of death. I know this, because when I came to Purdue, I had to give up my family’s trusted internet security (Trend Micro, for those curious) for the university’s internet security, and Purdue’s security provider is a royal piece of crap. I’ve been here a little more than a week and have already gotten 2 viruses. Fun. Anyway, if channelsurfing.net even attempted to send me a virus, I would have gotten it. It didn’t happen. So your computer’s completely safe as long as you don’t click on the few ads on the site.
  • This site keeps a live feed of NFL Network on it all times. So you want to watch Jamie Dukes make a fool out of himself on NFL Total Access? Go ahead and tune in. You heard that the Colts’ America’s Game was coming on at 6 tonight and want to watch it? Sit in front of your computer and enjoy. You want to watch NFL Football on Thursday but don’t want to pay the PPV price that is NFL Network? No problem.
  • Now, here’s a quick little primer on how to use this amazing site:

    1. Go to channelsurfing.net (not .com; .com is for losers.)

    2. Scroll down past the ads and free trial offers until you see the ESPN and the NFL Network logo.

    3. Directly after that, they have listed every sports game they are offering today. They are in chronological order. Scroll down until you find the Colts game (or whatever game you want to watch).

    4. The name of the game itself is an active link. Wait until about 15 minutes before the game, and then click it.

    5. If the game (or pregame) pops up with the sound and everything, you are good to go. Sit back and enjoy.

    6. If you have no sound, and you see what looks like a still shot of the game you want to see, then click the play button in the lower left corner of the screen. Then you are good to go. Sit back and enjoy.

    7. If you just see a couple ads and nothing else, there are 2 possibilities.. The first is that you logged into the game too early and the host site hasn’t started the feed yet. The second (and more likely) scenario, is that your (probably IE) browser is blocking the site from running the programs necessary to show the game on the computer. Check the top of your screen for a message saying something like “This website is attempting to run Active X Control on your computer. This could be dangerous.” If you see this message, click the message and then click on run or allow (whichever is the case).. That should bring up the video.

    8. If none of these work, you may be unlucky and just have the audio. Tough break. Suck it up and enjoy Bob Lamey.

    9. If you can’t even get audio, then panic. I’ve got no other options for you.

    Lastly, here are a few tips for the site:

    • Every few commercials during the game, hit Ctrl + R to refresh the video. Over time, the video builds up some delay time, and the refreshing resets that.
    • This site is not just for watching sports. While it bills itself mainly as a place to watch sports games not on your TV, it also has live streams of many other popular stations. Here is a list of all the channel feeds that I found:
      • CNN (I don’t know of a single TV in the world that doesn’t have this channel)
      • Fashion TV (Who would want to watch that?)
      • Cartoon Network (One of my favorites)
      • Eurosport News (Huh?)
      • Home Shopping Network (New ways to spend your money!)
      • Baseball Channel TV (Deshawn is now really excited)
      • CNBC (More News!)
      • Lots of movie feeds
      • Discovery Channel (Mythbusters!)
      • MMA TV (For those who can’t get enough violence)
      • Big Brother 11 (For those who can’t get enough crappy TV shows)
      • NFL Network (Already mentioned)
      • ESPN (Listen to idiots on your computer!)
      • ESPN Deportes (Listen to idiots on your computer in different languages!)
      • FOX News (Not touching that one)
      • FOX Business News (For those having trouble going to sleep)
      • TomGreen.com – The Channel (I have no idea what the heck that is)
      • ABC (For people who can’t get enough Desperate Housewives)
      • CBS (For people who can’t get enough Drew Carey)
      • The CW (I don’t know what they have on that channel)
      • NBC (For people who have to work late and can’t miss an episode of 24 without exploding.)

    And I’d like to reiterate, all of this and more (like World Championship Judo) is available for free at channelsurfing.net, the best site for out-of-towners to watch Colts games.

    (18to88.com note:  We are passing this option along to our readers as a favor.  We make no endorsement of the site personally.  We’ve never tried it nor been to it.  We make no claims as to the legality of the site or what you might encounter when you get there.  All internet surfing involves a degree of risk, and you should have your guard up at all times.  We are not responsible for anything that happens to you on the site.  Please don’t sue us or throw us in jail.  We are just telling you where you can find the game.  What you do with that information is on you.)