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Where Can I Find the Game?

It’s no secret that while my heart is firm entrenched in Indianapolis, I currently live overseas.  Because of that, I sometimes have to be creative about how to access Colts games.    The DirecTV Sunday ticket is cheap here in Argentina, so I’m a subscriber to that.  Unfortunately, it only gives 6 games a week, instead of the full slate.  So, for when the Horse isn’t on my TV,  we’ve also invested in a Slingbox.  This nifty device allows you to watch your home TV (or in this case Demond’s) from any computer connected to the internet.  Now, you can even watch it over an IPod Touch via an App.

Those solutions are great if you have enough time and planning, but what happens when at the last minute something goes wrong and you can’t find the game on TV, or you are forced watching the Bills and Jets play in OT and are forced to miss the opening kickoff of the Colts game?

“Where can I find the game?” is perhaps the most asked question during our live game chats.  Well, now we have answer:  channelsurfing.net.  Here’s is a review of the site by one of our readers, Cass:


A lot of Colts fans are out-of-towners. This honestly sucks for them because they only get some 4-6 regular season games broadcast to their house a year. Some of them order NFL Sunday Ticket, which solves their problems, but others cannot justify that kind of cost to their spouse (or parents, for that matter). Those people are stuck without the games on TV, so they turn to the Internet for help. However, many online streaming sites are unreliable and often have bad quality video and audio. This is where the great streaming site channelsurfing.net comes in.
Here are the positives of using channelsurfing.net for sports instead of another online streaming site:

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(18to88.com note:  We are passing this option along to our readers as a favor.  We make no endorsement of the site personally.  We’ve never tried it nor been to it.  We make no claims as to the legality of the site or what you might encounter when you get there.  All internet surfing involves a degree of risk, and you should have your guard up at all times.  We are not responsible for anything that happens to you on the site.  Please don’t sue us or throw us in jail.  We are just telling you where you can find the game.  What you do with that information is on you.)