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Who to Root For: Week 13

The Colts have nearly locked up the one seed, so now’s the time to remind you all about our dream order for finish for the AFC:

1.  Indy
2.  San Diego
3. New England
4.  Cincinnati
5.  Denver/Jacksonville (do you care?  I don’t)
6. Pittsburgh

This would force the Pats to play Pitt, and @SD.  It would force the Chargers to play the Pats.  Obviously, you could flip the Pats and Chargers and it would be nearly as good.  It would likely give Indy a second round game with the Bengals or Broncos.  Most importantly, it means Indy likely would only have to face one of the Steelers/Pats/Chargers combo.


Lions at Bengals
Chargers at Browns
These first two games are not going to go our way, but they would help the Colts clinch the one seed.  I don’t much care what San Diego does the rest of the year, as I assume they’ll take the two seed (which is fine with me).  It would be nice to get the Bengals behind the Pats because we certainly don’t want to have to play New England in the divisional round

Ravens at Packers

I don’t think the Ravens are that great a team, but I’d just as soon have them out of the playoffs

Oakland at Pittsburgh

If the Steelers don’t make the playoffs, I won’t cry


Texans at Jaguars

This game likely won’t matter, but I’d rather the Jags lose their next two games so as to not have any real hope when Indy comes to town in a couple of weeks.

Patriots at Dolphins

It’s distasteful, but I think we have to pull for the Pats to finish 12-4.  I’d much rather them wind up in the two or three seed than in the four.  That means they have to win out.  I’ll hate myself just a little, but here’s hoping they pull it out.

Broncos at Chiefs

As a general rule, I’m rooting against all playoff contenders (Broncos, Jags, Steelers, and Ravens).  The Broncos will be equally desperate next week regardless of what happens today, so I’d rather they lose.