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Who to Root for: Week 16

The top two seeds are locked in the AFC, but it’s a mess after that:

1.  Colts (clinched)

2.  San Diego (clinched)

3.  New England

4.  Cincinnati

5/6.  Baltimore and Denver.

Our preferred order of finish is identical to the current standings.  Denver is the least scary of the remaining playoff contenders (other than the Jets, but we obviously don’t want them to win).  Baltimore is the next least frightening in my opinion.  We need New England to win out to clinch the 3 seed, so that would eliminate Jacksonville and Houston.  That leaves Miami, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Denver left.  Of those four, I think Baltimore and Denver are the best matchups for the Colts.  Honestly, I’d just as soon play the Bengals as either of them.

Chiefs at Bengals

I don’t care who takes the AFC North, but a Cincy loss would all but assure the Pats of a three seed and a trip to San Diego the second weekend.

Houston at Miami

Both teams played Indy close, but with the Pats finishing at Houston, I’d rather see the Texans win this weekend and eliminate the Dolphins

Jaguars at Patriots

Noxious yes, but root hard for the Pats.  We don’t want the New England/San Diego two-fer

Ravens at Steelers

Who do you want to face in January:  Flacco or Roethlisberger.  Let’s go Ravens!

Denver at Philadelphia

I’m not sure rooting for them will help any.  A loss for the Broncos gives hope to the winner of Houston Miami and to the Steelers if they should beat Baltimore.