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Who to root for: Week 5

It’s early, but who cares?  Here’s our take on who to root for in week 5:

Bengals at Ravens

In theory, it would be better for the Ravens to win since the Colts play the Ravens, but let’s be honest: no one really thinks the Bengals are a threat for a bye.  I think everyone would like to see the Ravens drop this game.  Personally, I think their defense is a major question mark right now.  Seriously.  They miss Rex Ryan.

Pittsburgh at Lions
Houston at Arizona
Jacksonville at Seattle

These three are all easy to figure.  AFC team at NFC team.  Even one win out of the three would be helpful.  Two of them should be tough, close games…I’ll let you guess which ones…

NY Jets at Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are at 1-3 so normally, I’d favor them over a 3-1 team.  But in this case, a win would possibly put the Pats back on top of the AFC East.  The Jets are (in theory) a top contender.  Personally, I’ll pull for the Jets because if worse came to worse, I’d rather play Matt Sanchez on the road in January than at New England.

New England at Denver

Same thing as last week.  I’m not making that mistake again.  I’m rooting for the Broncos.  I don’t think they win, but at least I won’t feel dirty after the game.