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Who to Root for: Week 8

The Colts begin a three-game homestand this week against San Francisco.  If Indy can sweep the homestand they will take the AFC by the throat.  Let’s look at some of the other key games of week eight.

Easy calls

Houston at Buffalo:  The Texans should win this game easily — which means they are going to lose.  After Sunday, two of Houston’s next three are against the Colts.  Time to start taking them seriously. 

Denver at Baltimore:  The most important non-Colts game of the week, and probably the month.  Denver needs to pick up a loss.  I think it happens here against the desperate Ravens. 

Tough calls

Miami at New York (A):  It is a bit of a stretch to call this an important game to the Colts.  It isn’t.  Neither of these teams are going to win the AFC East.  Neither is going to win a wild card spot.  But I’ll be rooting for the Jets to keep some pressure on the Patriots. 

Jacksonville at Tennessee:  As much as I am enjoying the Titans’ implosion… it is time for them to do something useful.  If the Jags lose to Vince Young and the winless Titans it would end their season and any shred of self-respect. 

AFC Playoff Standings

1.  Indianapolis (6-0)

2.  Denver (6-0)

3.  New England (5-2)

4.  Cincinnati (5-2)

5.  Pittsburgh (5-2)

6.  New York (4-3)

7.  Houston (4-3)

8.  Baltimore (3-3)

9.  San Diego (3-3)