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Who to Root for: Week 7

The Colts look to complete a perfect October this week as they visit the St. Louis Rams.  Here are the other NFL games you should keep an eye on.  Keep in mind that Denver, the greatest threat for homefield advantage, has a bye this week.     

Easy Calls

New England at Tampa Bay (England):  Yes, the Pats get one fewer road games this season.  Jerks.  File this game under not-a-chance-in-hell.

Minnesota at Pittsburgh:  This is a big game.  If Favre and AP can take out the Steelers it would pretty much eliminate the possibility of the Colts having to play in Pittsburgh in January.  Which, you know, is a good thing.

San Francisco at Houston:  Another big one.  Houston is starting to make some noise thanks to its prolific passing game.  I’d breathe easier if they would pick up their fourth loss. 

Tougher Calls

Chicago at Cincinnati:  The Bengals only have two losses, so they seem like the obvious pick.  But do we really want the Steelers to win the AFC North?  I don’t.  If the Steelers go down in the 1:00 game I’ll be more comfortable rooting against Cincy at 4:00.  Complicated enough? 

New Orleans at Miami:  You always root for the NFC over the AFC, right?  Not always.  The Colts have a three game lead plus the tie-breaker over Miami.  The Dolphins are not a threat.  Let’s hope Ronnie Brown runs wild, making the Saints look human.  Keep in mind that the Dolphins might be the real threat to the Pats in the East, as far fetched as that sounds.