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Why I love the Colts

Enough said.

Links: Here’s yet another story about how Tony Dungy is set to headline EA Sports’ NFL Head Coach ’09. I hope they’ve improved this game because I heard the prior version sucked pretty hard.

The Colts gear up for the start of free agency tomorrow.

Bill Simmons and the citizens of Seattle warn sports fans everywhere that It Could Happen to You. I feel for Seattle greatly. Especially after reading these fan letters. I read Howard Schultz’s book about how he turned Starbucks into a global phenomenon. Somehow I don’t recall “screw over the entire city of Seattle” being one of his steps to success. Let this be a lesson to you: David Stern won’t stop until he’s turned every last professional basketball fan into a diehard NFL fan. My own moment came in the 2004 Eastern Conference finals against the Pistons when Stern oversaw some of the worst officiating in the history of athletics. No compound fracture, no foul.