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Why I watch Golf on TV

1. I only watch the four majors. The minor tournaments bore me like they bore everyone else.
2. Like all sports, golf is really exciting if you have someone to root for or against.
3. I don’t play golf. I have a specific vow against playing it. I refuse to do anything that I know without any doubt will cause me great embarrassment. For example: I was at the driving range one night and I almost killed the Governor of Indiana, Frank O’Bannon. I think that was one of last golf shots I ever took.
4. Tiger makes golf interesting – especially when you aren’t a fan. As an analogy I don’t think I’ve ever had a better time watching baseball (yes I watch baseball on tv too) than when the Yankees were dominant. When the Diamondbacks beat them in 2001 in seven games – rooting against the Yankees finally paid off. It was awesome.
5. Putts like this make golf awesome: