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Why the Pats will win on Saturday.

Two simple little words: Del Rio. Thanks to friend of 18to88.com, Ryan Parker for making the issue crystal clear. The great thing about Jack is that we have no idea if he’s serious or just making fun of him. Could be either. Classic. Thanks to Dave N for the link. Nice catch man.

Oh, and just to make it a mortal lock, the Jags also have Jeremy Green on their side. Yikes. Sorry kitties!

Demond Sanders: Okay, at first I was thinking this was kind of a weird effort from Mr. Parker. It was so hard to tell if he was serious or not. There’s no blatant mockery of Del Rio, other than perhaps the shot of him on a ship’s bow. No mention of axes or video replay. But you are right: it’s very simple. He predicts Jack Del Rio will be coaching in the Super Bowl. This is such a hilariously impossible concept that the song can only be considered parody at its finest.