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Wonder-ful Answers

This week we offer you a Q/A with “Wonder” a Jets fan and regular contributor at UltimateNYG.com.  He was gracious enough to answer some of our questions about this Sunday’s game.  You can check out my responses to his queries here.

DZ:  1.  What if anything physical has changed for the Jets since their loss to Atlanta?  Are there any on the field reasons for their improved play?
W: Shonn Greene.
DZ:  2.  Revis struggled with Wayne in the first matchup, getting beat several times and picking up an interference penalty.  Are you worried about that matchup?
W: Not even in the least.

DZ:  3  In the first meeting, Manning was not sacked and only hit once.  What can the Jets do to get pressure on him this time around?
W: More disguised blitzes.

DZ: 4. The Jets have not won this year when they allow more than 17 points.  What is more likely:  the jets hold Indy under 17 or the Jets score 24 points?  Can they beat the Colts if Indy scores 20 points?
W: If the Jets can hold the Colts to 17, they have a very good chance of winning. 20 is pushing it, 24 forget about it.  JETS MUST CONTROL THE CLOCK for at least 33 min and run UP THE MIDDLE effectively.  It is only ok to run outside with Greene on a zone blocking play with Faneca pulling.
DZ:  5.  Describe for me the best case scenario for Sanchez in this game.  How many throws for how many yards?
W:  18-24 throws, 175 yards.
DZ:  6.  The Jets have scored 30% of their TDs on big plays.  In the post season, that number has jumped to 60%.  Against a defense that allows fewer long plays than any team in football, do you think the Jets can sustain drives for touchdowns?
W:  Expect the Jets get one big play to Keller, Cotchery or Edwards.

DZ:  7.  What is the difference between the Ravens and Jets?  They seem like the same team.
W:  Incorrect.  Shonn Greene and Thomas Jones are power runners and Ray Rice is a quicker cutback scat runner.  The Ravens have no Braylon Edwards because Mason cannot burn anyone deep.  On defense the LBers and Secondary of the Jets are much better and the Ravens DL is better.
DZ:  8.  Aside from turnovers, the single biggest factor on Sunday will be…?
W:  The clock.

DZ:  9.  The Jets had problems blocking Dwight Freeney in the first game, and that was without Robert Mathis playing.  How do you think they’ll handle the Indy pass rush?
W:  Not worried in the least because they are just going to run the ball.  When they pass, they will use play action.  Freeney and Mathis will have to line up closer to the tackles to help the inside power running game.. when they do that they lose the ability to be speed edge pass rushers on the outside.
DZ:  10.  Final score prediction?
W:  20-17, flip a coin.