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Write ’em up

Here’s a list of links and grades:

Start with Phil B’s breakdown of day two. Nice work again Phil.

Then head over to Colts.com to listen to the Polian/Dungy press conference.

Marcus Howard makes SI’s list of steals.

This writer says the Colts owned draft day in the AFC South.

The Czar gives the Colts a C. Hee hee. Silly Czar. You have no idea who you are dealing with.

Prisco doesn’t grade the round 2 pick, but manages to be slightly homo-erotic.

Long but fun, FO chimes in.

Mel Kiper Jr says….B

NBC says the just a tad higher (thanks Jacob)

Prisco says B- for no real reason.

Clark Judge says Mike Hart was a winner this weekend.

EVERYONE STAND BACK! Kravitz is attempting to analyze! His brain might just explode!

Dr. Z’s comments are lackadaisical and cryptic.

Yahoo Sports gives us a B

Demond Sanders: Here is a must-read from the Sporting News. Hilarious. The guys on XL 950 decided that the Colts should get credit for Tony Ugoh since it was essentially their first round pick. I tend to agree.

One of the top things to take away from this weekend is that the Colts have their own agenda and plan when it comes to the draft. They take their kind of players when and where they see fit. Hopefully most of these guys make the club. If the Horse pulls out a starter, some special teams guys, and some solid backups out of this class, then it was a success.

The Jags are mostly getting hammered, and the Pats have too in some of those same circles. Here’s the thing about the Pats: they don’t actually draft that well. They have a great front office and the end result is great teams, but as we’ve discussed before, the draft (other than the Brady pick) hasn’t really been their strongest suit. They excel in a combination of areas, especially free agency. I see no reason to assume that they had a good draft just because they are the Pats. They haven’t earned that courtesy based upon their draft track record.

Also, the pundits that liked the Jacksonville moves all focus in (rightly) on the Jags trying to sack Manning. It’s hilarious that at a time when the Jags go all out for D-line picks, that the Colts quietly restock the entire offensive line. Oh Jacksonville, I almost feel sorry for you. They’ll be lucky to go 9-7 next year.