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Written in Chalk

How boring was the first afternoon of the best two day event in sports? I’m actually watching the Golf Channel to see how Tiger Woods finishes up his first round at Doral. That tells you two things:

There were no buzzers to beat (and only two games all day were even vaguely close though the favorite won both and the underdog never had the ball with a chance to tie in the last minute)


Tiger Woods is the single most compelling figure in sports.

(1st day update: Big Ten 2-0. So far so good.)

Session 3: I think all of our hearts broke a little watching Duke slip through, which takes a little of the thrill out of what was finally a truly great game. The Big 12 pulled through a couple of minor upsets, but the form keeps holding for most of the tourney. Heck, half way through Lost and even it’s obvious tonight (seriously? That was your big…”we’re gonna kill one of these characters!” moment? Try shooting somebody who matters next time. At least when the X-Files pulled that crap they gave all three Lone Gunmen at once). We need some drama before bed time.

Session 4: This just seals it. Four weak finishes and no upsets. Lovely. When Duke beats a 14 by one in the only good game all day, it’s time to pack it in and regroup. Here’s hoping for better things tomorrow.

Big Ten 3-0, State of Indiana 2-0. Let’s up those numbers tomorrow.

Link: This montage of Larry Legend is jaw dropping. Unfortunately, they don’t preserve the original game audio, so you might as well watch with the sound down. He makes plays on this are stunning. I don’t remember most of Larry’s best years, and I saw all of Jordan’s. I don’t remember Jordan being this…impossible.