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Your 2010 “Return to Football” Soundtrack

Some or many of you may remember my 2009 Return to Football Soundtrack last year on SB. Well, it’s back again this year, in a new and improved version (including a new hosting site). My purpose for this post remains the same. It’s to get everyone as excited as possible for the return of NFL football today through the use of music! You’ll notice some similarities to last year’s post, but most of the videos are brand new. So, sit back in a recliner (if you have a laptop), grab some headphones, crank the volume on your computer up, and enjoy!

This first part is going to give you the game day experience by focusing on songs that are played on game day in Lucas Oil Stadium.

This first song has been played incessantly while the Colts warm-up every single year since I’ve been a season ticket holder (2004) to the point that it has been ingrained in my head. It’s a great place to start:

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