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Terrell Owens Has MRI

Looks like Owens had an MRI to check the status of his back. The AP is reporting that Dallas Cowboys WR Terrell Owens (back) had an MRI exam on his stiff lower back Monday, Aug. 6. Head coach Wade Phillips said the test was precautionary.

“We feel sure that he just has back spasms, but we don’t want to take any chances,” Phillips said. “There’s no alarm, but we wanted to make sure.”

Test results are not yet known. He’ll probably miss a few practices, so get ready for the flurry of stories coming soon about Owens faking the soarness, you know how the media will take a twist on this. For fans, this should be nothing to worry about. His back is sore, and some time to heal up should do the trick.  (update 5:56pm: The MRI came back negative, good.)