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Minnesota Wild Image of the Day; Mikael Granlund is baby Jesus

Mikael Granlund is Baby Jesus

This was an image posted today over at wild.com, by DaveD1420.  I am not sure if he’s the originator of this picture, but whoever is responsible is brilliant and captures very well the various characters of the Wild’s current story.  Dave even was so kind to provide his own caption. 

“But he’s the Little Baby Jesus, and Wild General Manager Chuck Fletcher delivered him unto us, born of his fruitful labor.

Wild Head Coach Mike Yeo is praying for a savior, any savior, and hoping Granlund is it.

Wild owner Craig Leipold is The Shepherd, represented by the cow, as the organization suckles at his teat of his bank account.
Team captain Mikko Koivu is reverent, but his face also is questioning. “Is this child The One?” “Will this child shadow over me?” There is also a hint of jealousy in his face, as the child is already more famous than he will ever be.

Zach Parise looks up to Koivu, as if waiting to see if it is OK to worship and praise the child. This deference indicates that Parise is respectful to Koivu’s role as Captain, yet you can see in his eyes the confidence that indicates that he is ready to step up into that role if needed.”

Not too bad interpretation in my opinion.  There is no blasphemy intended here, so if this image bothers you I will apologize that you don’t have a sense of humor, but not for its content because its hilarious!