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10. GameDay Brew – Bruins @ Canadiens


Sorry for the lack of GameDay Brew posts. I know I missed a few games but I’ve been dealing with an illness so I’ve been doing the bare minimum. I’ve been feeling better, though I’m not sure if it’s the peanut butter cups flowing through my veins thanks to Halloween or the daily cocktail of DayQuil and NyQuil. Whatever it is, I’ve been feeling like a million bucks (maybe not a full million, but like $999,999.99). That one cent is occupied somewhere else (ZOMG POLITICAL JOKE!)

Anyways, so the Bruins and beer. It seems like a magical tag team that could take down anything. Marriage problems? Bruins and beer. First world problems? Bruins and beer. Need a night in? Bruins and beer. Issues with the nieghbors? Bruins and beer. They’re like The Rockers, only instead of one being kicked through a barbershop glass window, they happily prance through a field of posies. The issue here is that when one part of the team isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, the other needs to compensate for it. The Bruins, right now, are statistically the second worst hockey team in the NHL.

The sad thing is, there’s no debating that. Look at the standings. They are currently last in the East with 7 points and second to last in the NHL because Columbus can’t get out of it’s own fucking way. Remember when Steve Mason led the league in shutouts his rookie year? Yeah, I’m sure he doesn’t either. What a sad fucking state of affairs Columbus is in, but instead the NHL move4s Atlanta. Oh and guess what? Atlantipeg sucks too (but they’re still higher in the standings than Boston). Since Boston isn’t playing again until after you read this, I’m pretty confident to say that the Bruins will still bein last when they play Montreal in Montreal on Saturday.

The Bruins fanbase is also pretty divided right now. No, I don’t mean between the Big Four but between those who think the Bruins are going to be okay and those who have their finger hovering (or already on) the panic button. Some fans want a trade to shake up the squad. They want to see Lucic or Krejci traded for someone else of high value. They want to see Boychuk gone (you bastards!) for some third line depth because that line stinks worse then the fat guy from Se7en who died from gluttony.

There are those who believe the Bruins are fine and stuck in a rut. They want to see what happens in November and worry about this squad after we’ve stuffed our American faces with turkey and pumpkin pie (Canada, you’ve already done that at this point). Only after Thanksgiving will people truly worry about what kind of Bruins team we’re watching. Hell, some may wait until that fat fuck comes down the chimney and delivers presents to all the young boys and girls of the world (and no, I don’t mean Doughberle).

However you feel, we can all agree on one thing: These Bruins aren’t what we expected.

So it all goes back to the glorious partnership of Bruins and beer. The Bruins aren’t holding up their end of the bargain, so beer is like “Well bros, it’s time for us to over-compensate for the Bruins sucking. Lets be colder, lets be tastier and lets get people even more shattered so they don’t remember the shit show they just watched.” and all the little beer cans throw up their little arms in unison and get drank. At least, that’s how it goes in my head.

After the jump, it’s beer time…

So a little back story. Yesterday I got a text message from my wife saying “Let’s drink Guinness tonight.” Ah, a woman after my own heart no doubt. So I proclaim to the Twitter machine that I have the greatest wife in the world because she wants to willingly drink Guinness (something I haven’t heard from many a lass say). So I get this tweet from Jim Crooks, the owner of Narragansett Beer to make an “Irish Neighbor” which consists of half Narragansett and half Guinness.

Well as you know, I’m all about mixing my beers. So I said “what the hell, let’s do it” and while I headed home from work on Friday, grabbed myself some Guinness, some ‘Gansett and got ready for a good time.

Here’s the outcome:

Absolute deliciousness. I tried this a variety of ways last night. First was a simple 50/50 mix. The second was Gansett on the bottom and Guinness poured over a spoon like a black and tan. Both attempts at pouring got the same result above.

If you like Guinness (and who doesn’t) and if you like Gansett (again, who doesn’t?), then this is the perfect pairing. It was a robust taste and certainly quenched my thirst. I recommend everyone go out, grab yourself some Guinness and Gansett and toast the Bruins in a hopeful victory tonight.