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19 Years in the Making. Bruins Win.

What a night. You could feel the excitement from the second the puck dropped. Even when Philly tied it, there was no panic in the crowd. Every single Bruins fan at the TD Garden and at home knew the Bruins had this. This team wasn’t losing that game. No chance.

The Redemption Tour rolls on. The Bruins swept the cowardly Flyers. Tampa is looming. In the Eastern Confernce Finals.

How good does it feel to say that? The Bruins are in the Eastern Conference Finals. Sure, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t mean much if you don’t win a Cup. We don’t care. Just like you don’t care. This is just another step on the path to the Cup and we couldn’t be more excited.

The last time the Bruins were in this position the Days of Y’Orr staff’s average age was less than 10. Some of our readers weren’t even born the last time the Bruins got this far. How crazy is that to think about?

We didn’t have a recap up last night because we were too excited. As much as we hate Philadelphia, we were just way too pumped up to sit down and trash them. The Bruins did the talking for us anyway. The faces on the cowardly Flyers in the hand shake line said more than we ever could. The Bruins dominated. 

Well, we can still make fun of Scott Hartnell. What a coward. Throw a punch at Chara then immediately turtle. Still the toughest team in the league Philly fans? 

He’ll have plenty of time to get all those perms with his free time now.

After the jump….. bitter sweet victory but we’re still excited…..

The news came in late last night that added a bitter sweet over tone to the victory. Claude Giroux, who was a whiny little bitch the entire series, hit Bergeron up high on a hit that was a little late.

Bergeron left the ice and didn’t return. We told ourselves the Bruins were just being cautious with a 3-0 series lead and didn’t want to risk getting Bergeron hurt. Turns out he has a concussion. They’re calling it mild, but with concussions you never know, especially with Bergeron’s history.

Bergy has been the Bruins best in every zone. His loss cannot be underestimated. He gets matched up against teams’ top lines. If you’re telling us Stamkos, St. Louis and Lecavalier running around without Bergy keeping them in check doesn’t scare you a little you’re lying.

On the plus side? There are endless reasons to still believe in this team. They collapsed under adversity in recent years. This Bruins team is tough, gritty. They relish in the adversity. They invite because they love to show people up. They still have Tim F’ing Thomas. Lucic is waking up. Marchand is an animal. Chara is playing with extreme confidence. The list goes on and on.

When they went down 0-2 against Montreal, all the experts wrote them off. When they got to Game 7 against Montreal, experts brought up the Bruins recent history of losing every Game 7 they’ve been in. When the series started against Philly, the experts said the Flyers were too deep for the Bruins.

But they’re still here. Don’t get us wrong. We know words can’t accurately describe what the loss of Bergeron means. But we’re confident this Bruins team can still hang in there and hopefully Bergeron is able to comeback.

Tyler Seguin gets his chance now. He’s been watching from the press box since the playoffs began. He says he has learned a lot watching. Coaches say he has been practicing hard. Now he gets his chance to show how much he wants it.

Besides, according to Twitter the Bruins are still one win away from the conference finals anyway so anything could happen.

This is one of our favorite pictures in a long time.

Simple but it just captures everything that happened last night. The fans going nuts. Thomas likely screaming towards the hockey gods in a fit of joy. Enjoy this Bruins fans. One step closer. Four wins away from the Finals. Tampa Bay has the best offense the Bruins have faced so far. They might not have Bergeron. McQuaid is iffy. A rookie is getting his first taste of the playoffs is jumping into the Conference Finals. So what? When the dust clears, the Bruins will be standing tall.

Hey Chara, how do you feel going into the Eastern Conference Finals?