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2012 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 2: Capitals at Bruins. BOS leads 1-0.

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The preview is up kind of early because 3/4ths of Team DOY will be at the Garden and Pizz will be supporting our friends at Bruins Daily at their viewing party. 

If Thursday night taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

  • Braden Holtby looked like it was his 100th NHL playoff game, not his 1st. He was on point, his angles were cut down and his vision was good. The only thing he screwed up on was Kelly’s rocket in overtime. Other than that, kid was as sharp as a tack.  
  • The Capitals played defense. I think that’s the most shocking thing about this whole thing. The Capitals made a concerted effort to block shots and block them they did. Washington blocked 22 shots on Thursday and Holtby still had 30 come his way. That’s an amazing amount of shots fired by Boston and an amazing effort by Washington to stop their shots from getting to the youngster. 
  • The Capitals, especially the caveman, were more physical than originally thought. 

This is one of the many hits that Ovechkin and Seidenberg were a part of: 

But as usual, the Bruins came out on top because Tim Thomas is the fucking man.

The Bruins will just have to continue to do what they’ve been doing since Thursday night. If they’re able to assert themselves physically, they’ll probably take tomorrow’s game. Another issue is that the Bruins weren’t able to get any net presence in front of Holtby last night. That’s something Mark Recchi did so well last year. He was able to plant himself in front of any goalie and tip pucks into the net. I’m sure that the Bruins will work on this going forward. 

It’s noteworthy that David Krejci didn’t practice Friday. As of writing this, Krejci will play today there’s no word on his “injury” or how much “pane” he’s in. Wakka, wakka!


We found out who the real culprit here is. 



You know who I hate? Mike Green. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s his horrible emo style hair cut. Maybe it’s the fact he can’t play a lick of defense. I can’t really put my finger on it. I just feel the need to tell you how fucking douchey I think he is. Apparently I’m not the only one

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Game Day Video

Chris Kelly’s game winner in Game 1, duh!