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2012 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 5: Capitals at Bruins. Series tied 2-2.

This could have been a day where we could wrap up the series, but noooooooo.  The Bruin’s offense had to become more anorexic than a high school girl with low self esteem.  Now the series is tied 2-2 and we’ve pretty much entered “must win” territory for every game going forward. Usually this makes for great hockey games, so I guess if there was a silver lining, it’d be that.

Julien got drunk yesterday and went nuts with the skating lines.  Seriously, I think he just tossed all the names in a hat and picked the lines at random.  In case you missed the twitter storm yesterday, here’s what the lines looked like:

Interesting, to say the least.  I doubt that these will be the set lines to start the game, but if things start to go south, don’t be surprised  to see some of these line combinations throughout the game.

There are lots of Bruins under-performing lately.  Marchand is playing like he belongs on the fourth line, Seguin can’t catch a break, and I’m ready to put an Amber Alert out for Krejci.  But you know who I’m really sick of? Joe Fucking Corvo (I know, big shocker).  It’s gotten to the point where we are actually mentioning when he does something right.  I want McQuaid to come back.  He’s 10x the defenseman Corvo is, and I would have an excuse to make more “Darth Quaider kills Ovie Wan Kenobi” jokes.

I actually need to admit that I got this idea from my girlfriend

After the jump, more preview.

Short and sweet preview today, heading to The Garden for the game today.  Hoping I won’t be able to see Holtby through all the traffic…..

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We’ve done away with the old format of scouring youtube for video and want you to send us stuff.  If you have a photoshop/video/gif that you want to send us, we’ll do our best to feature it during our preview.  Today’s comes from Will Lindsay.