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2012 Quarterfinals Game 1 Preview: Washington at Boston

Best of mornings to all the Bruins fans out there, after what seems like the break of the season, the playoffs have finally arrived.  This is truly a magical time of year.  The playoff beards are starting to bloom, the hate is flowing like a rushing river, and somewhere Edmonton, Islanders, and Toronto fans are sobbing gently into their pillows.  Enjoy this day, drink it in, it’ll always go down smooth.  May the Hockey Gods look favorably upon us this day, and let the former Bruins greats of old lend us their strength.  Now the revered Pastor Patrice C. Purrgeron would like to lead us in a prayer.

Thank you Pastor.  And also, may the Hockey Gods forgive Julien for playing Corvo, I’m sure that Claude saw something at practice that we did not to cause him to make such a bold move…like lewd pictures Corvo took to blackmail him

This is the first time the Bruins have faced the Crapitals in the playoffs since 97-98, and only the third time in the history of teams.  I don’t want to exaggerate the importance of winning the first one or two games of a series (Bruins certainly didn’t need to last year) but I think against a team like Washington, it’s extra important. They’re the San Jose Sharks of the East, they inevitably collapse in the playoffs, it’s just a matter of when.  A couple early wins in the series will go a long way in demoralizing their fragile little psyches.

After the jump, the Bruins prepare for battle

Dear Bruins, for the love of Orr, please try to play the game 5 on 5, it’s what you’re good at.  Washington’s Power Play has the potential to be lethal, and as for the Bruins PP…well…Corvo is on it, so we’re fucked no matter who has the man advantage.  At least we’ll finally get an answer to the question of “Which defenseman can fuck over the Bruins more…Wideman or Corvo?”

Though, with McQuaid out, it’s hard to fault Julien too much for playing Corvo. How did McQuaid get hurt again…Oh yeah, against fucking Washington!

Well, at least it’s not a dirty some of the shit that their coach Dale Hunter used to pull

Overall, I feel good about this series, Bruins finally snapped out of that funk at the end of the season, and when they play with a purpose, they can be nearly unbeatable. I don’t care what their record was against Washington during the regular season, this is the REAL season. Seguin will shine, Boychuk will destroy, and Chara will make Ovechkin his little russian bride. This is their time to shine, they’re ready…..FOR WAR!

Even though Horton’s head is still squishy and he can’t play, he’s still sitting preparing for another war, another day.

Just keep that helmet on, buddy.

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Puck Drop: 7:30pm EST
Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub
Online Feeds: Here


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Game Day Video:
Pretty good video to get you pumped.