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PREVIEW 27: Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins….And Then Bergeron-Cleary Drove The Penguins From The Blarney Stone


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I hope everyone is resting their hangover with a Bloody Mary or something of that ilk as they get ready for what should be a really good hockey game today. Boston is back in Pittsburgh to take on the Eastern Conference's second place team for the second time in less than a week. If you want to give yourself PTSD, you'll remember that Boston had a two goal lead with about 5 minutes left in the game and then completely puked on their shoes. 

Things will be different today because Horton and Lucic found their game and their love for one another. 

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It was really only a matter of time before Horton and Lucic finally woke up and started their bromance once again. While they were never be comparable to a whoever-Nalkin-Neal line, the Bruins "first" line can be dangerous against this Pens team. The Penguins can't handle a physical team. They aren't built to bang like Boston can bang and the Bruins proved it when they pushed the Crapitals around all game yesterday. 

Is there anything more bro than this high five? 


I bet you don't even lift bro. 

Both teams are coming off big wins against their opponent yesterday. Boston smacked the taste out of Washington's mouth and Pittsbugh shut out the Rangers 3-0. 

The key to beating Pittsburgh is to do exactly what the Bruins did against Washington. No team in the NHL can hang with Boston when they start to throw their weight around. Who on Pittsburgh is going to stand up against McQuaid or Thornton or Lucic or Horton? 

If you shut down the Crosby line, there's a solid chance you beat the Penguins. They aren't loaded with depth like the Bruins are. James Neal misses the shit out of Malkin and Dustin Jefferies isn't getting the job done at center. 


While Boston blows a two goal lead like an altar boy in confessional on a Saturday night, playing the night before crushed their legs. Whatever energy they had going into the third period (which was virtually none) leaked out of them and they couldn't handle the onslaught that Pittsburgh brought. 

Today will be different. Both teams played the day before. Both teams played at 1 o'clock. If Boston can muster a lead against the Penguins, I think they can hold it. 

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We're live today at 11:30am! Expect us to be in bathrobes and have large coffee mugs with Bailey's in it. Today we're going to talk about yesterday's game, today's game and Greg is going to eat chocolates with dicks painted on them because he lost a bet with YinzerinCT at Cblog. Is there any more reason to tune in? I HAVE TO EAT GOLDEN DICKS BROS. 


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