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75. Boston Bruins at Philadelphia Flyers. On the road again!

Editor’s Note: Although this says “By: Pez”, today’s preview was actually written by Mitch Cole. You can follow him on Twitter. Mitch is one of the five people we feel would make a great fourth writer. Please leave whatever feedback you want. Any editing/formatting issues was caused by Pez. 

Before I even start to preview this game, let me just remind you that the Flyers still think that Luke Schenn is a capable hockey player. (spoiler alert: he isn’t)

I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that the Flyers defense really blows (they play Andrew Fucking MacDonald just a shade over 20 minutes per night. That’s really bad), and their goaltending sucks (Steve Mason has a .916 Sv%, and Ray Emery has a .901 Sv%).


The bad news? Well, their offense is pretty damn good, and they’re smoldering hot at the moment.

But who cares about that? All we should really care about is that Zac Rinaldo looks like a monkey (here’s where I wish I could put Rinaldo’s head on a monkey via photoshop, but I suck and don’t have photoshop).

It doesn’t really matter how hot the Flyers’ offense is right now, though. The Bruins have Chara and Boychuk leading the way. That’s two more legitimate defenseman than the Flyers have on their entire roster. And have I mentioned that Boychuk is a beast?


(Fun fact, I gave Pez the idea for that photoshop)

So really, all I have to say to Philly this weekend is:



Puck Drop: 12:30 PM EST
Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub

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