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36. Boston Bruins at New Jersey Devils. Where have all the Snookies gone?

It only seems fitting that the Bruins head to New Jersey the day before “Jersey Shore” kicks off another season of yelling, drinking, fucking, tanning, gym, getting laundry done in other places than their own washer/dryer combo, fucking, fighting, drinking, pretending to work, drinking, fucking and more fighting. I don’t know why playing a hockey game is fitting to be the opening for a shitty MTV show, but it works so be like Snooki, shut your mouth and accept the pounding. 

The last time we saw the Bruins play hockey, they were getting their butt’s waxed in Dallas. It wasn’t pretty friends and Dallas basically had their way with the Bruins then kicked them out of their apartment and didn’t leave any cab fare. They made them hoof it home.

I wouldn’t expect the Dallas game to be the start of a downfall for the Bruins and neither should you. The team ended December going 9-3, with 7 of those 9 wins coming in a row. It was bound to happen that one of these things would happen:

  1. The Bruins offense wouldn’t show up.
  2. The Bruins defense would be slow and out of place. 
  3. One of the goaltenders wouldn’t be their usual lights out self. 

It just so happens that in Dallas a nice combo meal of the three was put together and served to Bruins fans while they drank and/or housed some New Year’s Eve Chinese food. Why is it that people order Chinese food on New Year’s Eve? My parents used to do it when we were kids and had to order it the night before from Kowloon’s (yeah, we’re pimps, what of it?) because they would get swamped with calls. I guess people want to gorge on fried chicken and rice and end their year with a hefty NYE dump. 

So is it possible that the Bruins weren’t into the game at all because the only thing on their minds of warm Crab Rangoon and chicken fried rice?! Come on, you know Zdeno Chara would love to have the house special rice and the #2 chicken finger. Shit, who wouldn’t?

I would expect a well rested Bruins team tonight, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Rest is good for a hockey team and these next few months will provide little for the Bruins. What is bad about getting rest? Hot players turn cold. Cold players turn to ice and some goalies like Tim Thomas don’t do well on a long stretch of rest.

Justin wrote a post on the Bruins schedule in January. They have 13 games this month, 3 back-to-backs (one of which will happen tonight and tomorrow night), 6 home games and 7 road games. Even thought their schedule in January is easier than their schedule in March, it’s still going to be brutal. There is a nice stretch from January 25 to January 30 where the Bruins don’t have a game to play, but their opponents are going to be tough. 

Just a head’s up as well. Tonight is “36 Hours” and is featuring Bruin Patrice Bergeron. It will be airing on the NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus) at 6:30 pm

I got the perfect solution for the Bruins upcoming schedule: 

Good for what ails ya!

After the jump, it’s a regular DOY beatoff!..

Projected Lines

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Nathan Horton
Brad Marchand – Patrice Bergeron – Tyler Seguin
Beniot Pouliot – Chris Kelly – Rich Peverley
Shawn Thornton – Greg Campbell – Danny Paille

Zdeno Chara – Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg – Joe Corvo
Andrew Ference – Adam McQuaid

Tuukka Rask
Tim Thomas

Do You Know Your Enemy? 

Running With The Devils


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Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub
Puck Drop: 7:30 EST
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