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52. Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres. 100% Less Lindy Ruff Trust Falls

Oh the Sabres. Remember last offseason when the Sabres pissed through boatloads of money and everyone thought they were going to win the Northeast Division? Well, not everyone, but The Hockey Writers gave Buffalo the nod. Bleacher Report, who I won’t even link to, placed them in second in the Northeast Division. Some blog called Grounds4Thoughts had Buffalo winning the Northeast Division too. Rock the Walls’ also picked Buffalo to end up third in the Eastern Conference. Hockey Buzz? Yeah they had Buffalo winning the division too. 

Why is this relevant?

Because Buffalo is closer to finishing last in the Eastern Conference than winning their division. What does this tell us? It tells us that having a shitload of money doesn’t mean anything if you can’t accurately judge talent. Darcy Regier, the Sabres GM, and new owner Terrence M. Pegula did a horrible job in the offseason. Here’s a look at some of their signings:

Ville Leino: 6 years, $27 million dollars ($4.5M per year). 2011-2012 stats: 41 Games Played, 4 goals, 9 assists, plus/minus -8.
Christian Erhoff: 10 years, $40M ($4M per year, but isn’t a free agent until 2021). 2011-2012 stats: 41 games played, 3 goals, 16 assists, plus/minus -7
Tyler Myers (extension): 7 years, $38.5M ($5.5M per year). 2011-2012 stats: 32 games played, 4 goals, 7 assists, plus/minus -9

So Buffalo’s three big signings and not one of them has played every game this season. In fact, they’ve missed 10 or more games. Actually, there’s only been on Sabre who has played every game this season and that’s Jason Pominville.  Conversely, the Bruins have 5 players who have suited up for every game this season: Patrice Bergeron, Chris Kelly, Joe Corvo, Dennis Seidenberg and Shawn Thornton. 

It still blows my mind how bad that Ville Leino contract is.

It’s fitting though, given how shitty Buffalo is. Their goalie is a bitch, their coach is a bitch and their GM has rocks for brains when it comes to judging talent. Fuck them. When Lindy isn’t bitching about the referees or open season on his goaltenders, he’s being run by his own players in practice. I’m still waiting for Shanahan to blame Milan Lucic and suspend him 4 games without pay. 

The Sabres are in a bad way this season and it makes Days of Y’Orr so fucking happy. I know a lot of Bruins fans out there don’t really care about Buffalo, but they’re enemy #2 here in DOY HQ right behind Montreal. It’s my hope that Ryan Miller plays tonight and Milan Lucic scores a hat-trick, then runs a train on his girlfriend. It’s only fitting given that he’s already boom-bashed him earlier this year. May as well finish the job by porking his old lady and making him watch. 

Miller might be into that kind of thing though. Either that or he’s going to write some My Chemical Romance-esque songs and upload it to his MySpace account. I mean, I love a wrist cutting ballad as much as the next guy with black fingernails and hair as black as a raven but come on Ryan. It’s not that bad. Well, maybe it is. But hey you still have color to your hair unlike your brother Drew, who looks like he’s about 80 years old.

drew miller
Dude looks like a retarded skunk.

After the jump, this preview has more color than Drew Miller’s hair...

Sabres’ Projected Lines

Overpaid (Leino) – Midget (Roy) – Pominville (He’s pretty good)
Gerber Baby Food (Gerbe) – Tyler Penis (Ennis) – Bruins Killer (Stafford)
AHL Goon (McCormick) – Boychuk’s Bitch (Ellis) – No idea Who You Are (Adams)
Lucic’s Punching Bag (Gaustad) – Ex-Bruin (Boyes) – Goat Fucking Pussbag (Kaleta)

Overpaid D #1 (Erhoff) – Overpaid D #2 (Myers)
First name is a girl’s name (Regehr) – Makes Lindy Hold His Pocket (Leopold)
Sekera – Weber

Lucic’s Speed Bump


Puck Drop: 7:30pm EST
TV: NBC Sports Network
Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub
Online Feeds: Here


Do You Know The Enemy? 

Blue & Black & Gold

Game Day Video

Lucic uses Gaustad as a punching bag. BTW, the best comment I’ve read about this fight on YouTube: 

“That’ll teach Lucic. You run our goalie, and at a later date, you’ll get to punch one of our guys in the face for about a minute. #Justice” Amazing. 

Johnny Boychuk Destroys Matt Ellis