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55. Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins. Rivalry? Hardly.

I'm going to throw this out there and say that the narrative that Boston and Vancouver are rivals is extremely overblown. It's so overblown you'd think that the narrative was trying to get into porn. One Stanley Cup Final doesn't make a rival people. I'm aware of how everything went down. I'm aware of the finger biting and one of the ginger twins calling Burrows a vegetarian and the burning of Vancouver, I get it. I just have a hard time calling a team that the Bruins have played twice since that Finals a rival. If we're going that route, let's make Chicago a rival too. I mean that series went 6 games! 

The worst is how people talk about the Bruins getting "amped" for Vancouver but not Montreal. Are you shitting me? Outside of two points, this is a fairly meaningless game. Am I really supposed to believe that Milan Lucic harbors such hatred for Vancouver because of the way his family was treated that he will come out and rain down hellfire and brimstone while Jack Edwards is screaming "MILAN! MILAN! MILAN!" in his best Jim Ross impression? 


Why wouldn't he do that in Vancouver? 

Stop feeding me this bullshit, I eat enough of it when I browse Twitter. 

Projected Lines

In: Usual running crew
Out: Warsofsky, McQuaid
Unknown: Söderberg centered line 3 while Kelly played wing

Lucic – Krejci – Iginla
Marchand – Bergeron – Smith
Kelly – Soderberg – Eriksson
Thornton – Campbell – Paille

Chara – Hamilton
Boychuk – Bartkowski
Krug – Miller



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