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56. Boston Bruins at Winnipeg Jets – Where Winnipeg Jets Fan Ride The Suck Stick

I fucking hate Winnipeg’s fans. They’re the cockiest bunch on mother fuckers this side of a New York Yankees fan. The difference between the two is that the Yankees have actually won something while the only thing Winnipeg has won was bringing a shitty franchise back. For awhile I’ve listened to these inbred douchebags talk about how great their organization is and how dedicated the community is towards their team.Yeah, their fan base is so passionate and dedicated that the Jets were moved to Phoenix to slowly wither away and die. There’s so much support and love for the Winnipeg fucking Jets that the NHL would rather have them play in a place where snow happens once every three years. 

It blows my mind to see Jets fans talk like they’ve won multiple Stanley Cups over the past year. Your team is basically last year’s Atlanta Thrashers and, to be brutally honest, sucks a gigantic wart infested dick. I mean Jesus Christ, you have Blake Wheeler. You know what the best thing Blake Wheeler ever did? Fool you into thinking he’s a decent hockey player and giving us Rich Peverley. Do you watch Rich Peverley play for the Bruins and cry at night? Because you should. 

You pretentious dickbags don’t deserve a hockey team. Let’s be honest. What’s so different than it was when those shit bums packed up in 1995? In all honesty, nothing. You have a shitty logo, an even shittier wordmark and being known as the “7th man” is the worst thing I’ve ever heard of in my life. Is that how you all get your shits and giggles? The team calls you guys the “7th man” so you can feel included in something for once in that shitty backwoods city of yours? It’s like when football teams call the fans the “12th man”, it’s fucking stupid. 

You’re not the “7th man” because you’re not part of the team. You don’t go out with them after games do you? You and Byfuglien go to McDonald’s after and pound down a Big Mac and multiple Shamrock Shakes?You and Blake Wheeler head to the nearest club, put on Pitbull’s “Greatest Hits” collection in his Mazda and cruise the streets of “The ‘Peg” for bitches? No. After the game, you go home to your igloo or whateverthe hell you people live in and sleep underneath your skinned polar bear blanket. 

The “7th man”. What a fucking joke.

But what do expect when you come to a city that has nothing going for it. Here’s a joke I once heard:

“What’s the best thing to do in Winnipeg?”

A: Drive to Calgary.

Is there anything else I can think of? Oh yeah…

syuck it
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Projected Lines

Jesus Christ, who knows after the Peverley incident last night…Here’s a shot in the dark.

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Beniot Pouliot
Brad Marchand – Patrice Bergeron – Tyler Seguin
Johs Hennesy – Chris Kelly – Jordan Caron
Dan Paille – Greg Campbell – Shawn Thornton 

Zdeno Chara – Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg – Joe Corvo
Adam McQuaid – Andrew Ference

Tuukka Rask
Tim Thomas


Puck Drop: 8pm EST
Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub
Online Feeds: Here


Do You Know The Enemy? 

No, because no one wastes their time blogging about Winnipeg

Game Day Video

Two fucking pussies pussy footing around like two pussies. Wheeler should destroy Subban, but he can’t fight his away out of a wet paper bag.