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64. Providence Bruins at New York Rangers

Fuck my face. The injury bug crept into the Bruins house last night and absolutely drilled them right in the brown eyes. Justin laid it out perfectly, first Horton, Then Peverly. Then Boychuk (since returned). Then Ference. And now Tuukka Rask and Daniel Paille both down with injuries. While the injur bug is at it, why doesn’t he just break Tim Thomas’ leg today and end all this misery. I mean, Jesus Christ. 

So now that the Bruins are down about 100 guys, they’ll jump from playing one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference to one of the best. Yup, from the shitty New York team to the good New York team. And guess what, they’ll probably lose. Normally I’m not negative, or at least I try not to be, but where’s the glimmer of hope lately? The silver lining in all this is that the Bruins top line is finally producing.

For those not in the know, the Bruins recalled goaltender Michael Hutchinson and forward Lane MacDermid yesterday which pretty much confirms that Dan Paille won’t be playing tomorrow. Either that or I’m just over-reacting. Both of which is entirely possible. Rich Peverley, we miss you. 

Seriously though, the loss of Tuukka Rask will be devastating for this team. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if Tuukka plays 10 games or 20 games because there’s a good chance he can play well for those games. Michael Hutchinson? Who knows. His stats in Providence aren’t anything to write home about. In 18 games in Providence Hutch is 6-11 with a 2.62 GAA and a SV% .920. Again, nothing to write home about but that could also be because Providence sucks. 

What the Bruins will need is for Tim Thomas to because Super Timmy – American Hero.

When official word is dropped re: Tuukka’s injury we will let you guys know.

Fucking Bruins.

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