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70. Boston Bruins at Florida Panthers. Et tu, Bergy?

So yeah, nothing can get worse than it was in Tampa, right? I mean, it’s almost impossible for tonight’s game to be any worse then the drubbing we saw at the hands of the 11th place team in the Eastern Conference, barring injury of course. I mean, that’s cool, to be bent over the early bird special of $4.99 roast beef and just have your will taken away like the rape scene from Deliverance. Steven Stamkos wants Marty Turco to squeal like a piggy. 

I’m sure he doesn’t mean it like that, but we’ll go with it.

So yeah, the Bruins suffered a prison style back door entry against Tampa. This could be either a good or a terrible thing, depending on how the team wants to look at things. Either that drubbing fired them up and the Bruins will play like the Bruins or their souls have been shattered like Matt Ellis thinking about Johnny Boychuk. 

But lets look on the bright side of things. We’ve come up with a new nickname for Tuukka Rask fans: Raskafarians. Patent pending.

Alright, let’s break this bad boy down.

Boston is still (miraculously) in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference, but Ottawa is breathing down their neck like prison bunk mates. (Side note: what’s up with all the prison jokes today?) Ottawa seems to not want second in the East because their last two games have been overtime losses, which means they haven’t been able to make significant ground on Boston. In fact Boston is on a 3 game losing streak and still holds the lead in the Northeast Division, albeit by a point. 

So here’s the break down from here on out (after tonight’s game): 

Games Left To Play Games Against Playoff Teams Head To Head Matchup(s)
Boston Bruins 12 6 April 5, 2012
Ottawa Senators 11 5 April 5, 2012

So the schedules are virtually identical, except for one thing. Boston has a 3 game road trip in California next week. They visit San Jose, then travel to LA and end in Anaheim. The start times also suck. San Jose is a 10:30pm start, the Kings game is a 9pm start and thankfully the Anaheim game is an 8pm start and The Walking Dead will be over which means I’ll be able to catch the game. I mean, whats the difference between the zombies on the show and our zombies on the ice? 

But the schedule isn’t easy until that road trip. Boston plays Florida tonight (3rd in the Eastern Conference), then plays 5th overall Philadelphia at home. Then they play the Maple Leafs (a team Boston has typically played well against) and then go bye-bye on that 3 game roader before welcoming the Tampa Bay Rapists to town.

The other issue is the injuries. They’re starting to pile up (again, duh). Let’s run down the list real quick: 

Marc Savard – Out Forever I think
Nathan Horton – No clue
Rich Peverley – Rumored to have skated yesterday
Patrice Bergeron – Did not practice yesterday, played on Tuesday
Adam McQuaid – Practiced Yesterday
Tuukka Rask – Out until at least the playoffs
Beniot Pouliot – No idea

So there you have it. I have no idea if Pouliot is practicing or not. I have no idea if yesterday was just a maintenance day for Bergeron. 

Apparently the Ides of March are upon us, but only if you wear black and gold.  

Melancholy and the Infinite Bruinness...

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Bruins Projected Lines

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Jordan Caron
Brad Marchand – Patrice Bergeron – Tyler Seguin
Trent Whitfield – Chris Kelly – Brian Rolston
Dan Paille – Greg Campbell – Shawn Thornton

Zdeno Chara – Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg – Andrew Ference
Joe Corvo – Greg Zanon

Tim Thomas
Marty Turco

Do You Know The Enemy? 


Game Day Video

Thornton and Barch fucking hate each other.