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80: Lightning at Bruins: Clinch Your Ass, Clench A Spot

Bruins fans got a taste of what it’s like to be Buffalo and Detroit fans last night; naturally we were more disapointed than a gym rat waiting for a squat rack while Justin sets up his camera.

Sorry Justin, a tube of Neosporin for that burn is on the way.

Just a little TOPICAL humor to kick things off.

As a shock to no one, both Toronto and Ottawa got at least a point last night, putting them both above Boston in the current standings.  Watt really surprises me is that a regulation win tonight will guarantee a playoff spot for the Bruins.  The only question remaining would be whether or not they can get AMPle points to avoid a re(volt)ing match up with Washington in the first round.  If they DON’T clinch a spot tonight, then it could come down to the wire and those games in hand that Toronto, Ottawa and Tampa have really hertz our position in the standings.  With the battery of challenges this week, I don’t want the Bruins to take any chances.



According to stats that I stole from SportsClubStats, here are some playoff percentages:

Toronto: 98.2%
Boston: 93.6%
Ottawa: 92.3%
Tampa: 13.4%**

Tyler Johnson just came back for Tampa, and rumor is Stamkos could be returning any day now.  IF Tampa does mange to win tonight, their chances go up to about 30%, but if Stammer can return and make an impact, I’d say they are higher.

If Tampa loses and Toronto and Ottawa win, then it’s basically goodbye


So we can finally buy Buffalo, then sell it to another country.