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80. Penguins vs Bruins. Sprint To The Finish

Guess who’s back, back again. Pens are back, tell a friend.  I’m back too, once again I must give a huge shout out to the DOY family for picking up my slack while I deal with shit.  

Bruins and Penguins meet up for the 4th and final time tonight.  Despite having locked up their playoff spots, both teams have something to play for tonight.  Penguins are looking to gain home ice advantage in their near-guaranteed match up against Filthadelphia.  Bruins on the other hand are just looking to carry some momentum into the playoffs after a lackluster couple of months.  Good to see them return to form recently, you might say that they’re BAAAACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIIIIIIIN!!

I apologize for reminding everyone of that, I actually kinda like Aerosmith, but Steven Tyler is a human wasteland.

Boston hasn’t fared too well against Pittsburgh the past two games they played, but thankfully that dead weight Sidney Crosby is back in their line up.  What the hell could that pouty-lipped bastard possibly contribute after being double-concussed?

Expecting to hear a lot of “Crosby Sucks” talk today, and normally I’m all for needless trolling, but I just can’t get into that.  At the risk of being kissed by resident Penguins fan Jon….Crosby is good, damn good.  Deal with it and come up with another way to mock him. 

Speaking of Jon, word is that he was stalking the Penguins last night.  If Malkin isn’t in the game tonight, I can only assume that he’s in wedding dress and tied up in Jon’s basement.

After the jump, Bat-Thornton punches a penguin….no really!

The win against the Rangers was probably a huge confidence boost for both the players and the fans as the season nears its end.  A hard fought game against the Penguins after that win would be even better.  Luckily the Bruins have the luxury of not NEEDING any more wins, they’re also looking at some pretty favorable first round match up possibilities, so sit back, relax and lets go Bruins!

Oh, and Washington lost last night, so there’s something both Bruins and Penguins fans can be happy about!


Bwahahahah!!! The division is ours bitches! 


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Given that it is an election year…

And no, we don’t get tired of Batman/The Penguin references.