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A Day in the Life of Shawn Thornton

It is no secret that Shawn Thornton is the greatest man who ever lived. He does more in a day than most of us do in a year. Usually we only get to see him in action during games, but recently Shawn Thornton let us follow him around for a day so we could see what a typical day in his life was like. 

It was awesome.

After the jump…..A Day in the Life of Shawn "Wayne" Thornton…..

He wakes up every morning leaving every lady in Boston pleased!

On his walk to the gym, he helps old ladies cross the street…..

…..and saves poor little kittens.

After he's done working on his sweet, sweet boxing skills…..

…..he wrestles raptors! JUST FOR FUN!

But his training isn't done! When he's not busy saving small kids from burning buildings…

…..he also dabbles in taming rhinos!

He's not just a fighter though! He's also into the arts!

He also loves to give back to the community and coach people in hockey. You know, those not as fortunate to be as awesome at hockey as he is.

In what little down time he has, Thornton loves to solve a good crossword puzzle!

He's even GREAT at giving advice to the younger players on the team!

At the end of the day, Thornton likes to wind down by taking his pet T-Rex for a walk around the city.


We love you Shawn Thornton. Don't ever change!