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A Look Back At The Bruins/Canadiens Fights In 2011-2012

Tomorrow marks the first meeting between the Boston Bruins and MOntreal Canadiens. We all know the type of venom that this rivalry has brought over the years, but have fisticuffs been thrown to go with said venom? We're going to look at all of the fights that have occurred last season as Boston went 4-2-0 versus the Habs. We will post the video and the results of Hockeyfights.com's results, where their viewers vote on who won the fight. I will also post who I thought won. 

October 27, 2011. 

Brad Marchand vs PK Subban

These two were chirping at each other all night. They tried to fight twice before the actual bout, but the referees kept pulling them apart. They finally drop the gloves towards the end of the second period (3:05 into the video) and Subban takes a huge swing and misses. After that, the two get some good punches in, including some uppercuts by Subban. 

Hockeyfights.com winner: 

My winner: PK Subban

October 29, 2011

Shawn Thornton vs Travis Moen

There's not much to say about this one. After a whistle for an offside call, Thornton and Moen group up and Thornton starts chirping. They throw down the gloves and both get rolled against the glass, exchanging punches. It was a pretty dull fight with Moen getting a shot or two in there before the refs separate them against the boards. 

Hockeyfights.com winner:

My winner: DRAW

February 15, 2012

Adam McQuaid vs Ryan White

It all starts with TT covering the puck and McQuaid doing what every defenseman does, skate with their opponent outside of the crease to get them away from their goaltender. The two start jawing, someone probably tells the other they smell like a donkey's asshole and the gloves come flying off. The two are grabbing and tugging at each other's jersey, but Quaider gets a few good shots in. White is able to get McQuaid's jersey off and then Darth Quaider shows up and unleashes punches. White really had no offense in this fight. 

Hockeyfights.com winner:

My winner: Adam McQuaid

And just for funsies, we can't forget this epic fight (even though it was during the 2010-2011 season): 

February 9, 2011

Tim Thomas vs Carey Price

God what a disaster this was. Carey Price could have really fucked up Tim Thomas once Thomas tried to take him down, failed and pulled off Price's jersey. Thomas somehow wiggles out of his jersey and they realize that they're goalies not named Brent Johnson and stop caring. 

Hockeyfights.com winner: