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A Second Look At Jeff Skinner Being A Slew-Footing Douchebag

Last night, Patrice Bergeron and Jeff Skinner got into an altercation but you'd never know it if it weren't for Jack Edwards because NESN was to busy watching Tyler Seguin score an empty net, power play goal. The only thing we saw the end the result – Bergeron and Skinner being pulled away from each other by the referees. Everyone wondered what Skinner did to get Bergeron so mad and come after him, something Bergeron doesn't do. In fact, he's only had one other major for fighting and that's when he southpaw'd Josh Gorges in 2009. 

So what caused Bergeron to go after Skinner? 

A slew foot. 

slew foot

That light footed, diving fairy slew footed Patrice Bergeron when the game was out of reach and Bergeron lost his Lucky Charms. You can't blame the guy. Skinner was a rat bastard all game – basically Carolina's Brad Marchand – and it pissed Bergeron off. It was a blatant attempt to hurt someone. Bergy never gets upset like that unless its an attempt to hurt him, again referring to the Josh Gorges fight. 

Here's the video evidence (and slo-mo provided by dafoomie, who you all should subscribe to on YouTube)

Fuck you Jeff Skinner. Karma is a bitch.