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A special message from DOY GM Patrice Purrgeron……

We now bring you live to Patrice Purrgeron…..

Last week TruFan and Rafe Anderson held their yearly New England Sports Blog Awards, sponsored by CSNNE, and Days of Y’Orr was nominated for Best Bruins blog. We have been around for less than a year and were going up against some stiff and well established competition. Yet we remained optimistic about our chances, especially considering all the Tweets and links we saw from people telling others to vote for us.

Matt Kalman’s Bruins Blog, Mark Marino’s Hub of Hockey, Joe Gill’s Boston Sports Then and Now, New England Hockey Journal (with the awesome Jesse Connolly) and Stanley Cup of Chowder were all nominated as well and each one has fantastic Bruins coverage. We check out their writing daily and surely there would be no shame in losing to any of those blogs/sites.

When we started this blog last April, we didn’t quite know what to expect. We had rediculous ideas for posts and figured if we could make a couple of poorly done Photoshops and make a few fans like ourselves laugh then we did our job. Besides, we just love talking about the Bruins, so the blog was just fun.

When we were announced as this year’s Best Bruins Blog, we high-fived, did Rene Rancourt fistpumps like they were going out of style and maybe — just maybe — even hugged a little. We told people to say their prayers and take their vitamins. We told people we ran out of bubblegum. Then we acted like big shots for the rest of the night and instantly started measuring ourselves for champtionship title belts. We were blog champions!

And while the Days of Y’Orr staff is pretty awesome, it wasn’t just us to helped us get our first Best Bruins Blog award title….

After the jump….. we’d like to say thanks!

First, we’d like to thank you, the readers! We greatly appreciate the time you took to vote and help us win our first best blog award! Seriously. We like the little community you’ve helped us establish. We’ve met a lot of good people because of this blog. You send us photoshops, stories, suggestions, feedback and hate mail and we love it all. We love the Twitter/Facebook convos you help us generate and it is incredibly fun debating with fans like ourselves. We’re generally fairly sarcastic here but honestly, thanks a ton for helping us keep the site getting better! Thanks to everyone who’s ever linked to us, told a friend about us or even just liked a link on Facebook. We might be the ones writing this blog day-in and day-out, but we like to see DOY is every Bruins fan blog. We get as many funny and rediculous ideas from readers as we hand out. You’re all awesome.

Next, I would like to thank myself, Patrice Purrgeron. There is no “I” in team but there is a “me” and without me this blog is nothing. I work with a bunch of hacks, but I suppose they serve their purpose. Thanks for supporting me as a reporter even though I crap in a box full of sand and lick myselves between intermission reports. I heart you all. Except you. Yeah,  you. You’re awful.

We’d also like to thank our fellow bloggers. There can be some competition, but we’ve received a lot of support from more established sites. Our Bruins coverage is certainly unique and not exactly “professional” but we’ve teamed up with several blogs, had our stuff linked to by other blogs and even had several great guest posts. Thanks for the support from our “competition.” We may poke fun of you sometimes, but we still love you. We should hug.

We’d also like to thank people like Mary Paoletti, Joe Haggerty, Kirk Luedeke, Michael Hurley, James Murphy and Greg Wyshynski (Puck Daddy), professionals who work for some reputable sites and have still put the word out about our Internet rag despite the often sarcastic, mean, slightly humorous and at many times off-color commentary we attempt to provide.

We would also like to thank ourselves for being awesome. Without us, none of this would be possible.

We’re sure there’s people we’ve missed, and we really mean no disrespect. This post would be 300 pages long if we thanked everyone who truly deserved it. The amount of support we’ve received from all over has been fantastic and we only hope that we can continue to entertain you going forward. We can promise we won’t rest on our “success.” Days of Y’Orr is going to get bigger and badder.

And if not, Jon, Justin, Robb and Greg are all fired.  And hopefully we can continue to not take ourselves seriously. At all.

In closing, we heart you and thanks!