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Alternate Captain Planet joins Twitter

Andrew Ference Captain Planet

Early off-seasons suck. Fact.

Andrew Ference joining twitter is awesome. Also fact.

Eric Tosi confirmed that @Ferknuckle is Andrew Ference’s twitter account. So far he hasn’t tweeted to fans asking them buy some crummy t-shirt, so his start on twitter is already better than Marchand’s. Apparently he’s getting more ink done. Hopefully he’ll post pics.

As for Ference’s first tweet? Something deep… or would’ve been if he wasn’t limited to 140 characters.

Andrew Ference twitter
Oh that Ference. So zany… We can assume it wouldn’t been something Timmy would’ve shook his head at probably.

We’re also assuming tweeting is better for the environment than writing notes on paper and mailing it everywhere, right?

Is it October yet?