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Anatomy of a Youppi

While we wait for the playoffs to begin, we’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect.  In doing so, we stumbled upon an age old question, often asked, but never fully explored…

Just what the fuck is a Youppi???

Seriously, it’s big, orange, kinda creepy, and has nothing to do with hockey nor Canada.  Hoping to find out more information, we invited it to the Days of Y’Orr office for an interview, but it was less than cooperative.  We decided to take some more…creative measures.

After the jump, we take a closer look at just was a Youppi is…other than costume that looks like something a child molester would wear.

After failing to get any information from the Youppi through conventional methods, we looked to our crack surgical team for a more invasive approach.

What we found was nothing short of shocking.

We started at the top and took a look in the brain,  where we were given a glimpse of the Hab’s game plans and strategies .  We probably shouldn’t give too much away in in the interest of good sportsmanship, but you probably already have a good idea.

Making our way a little lower, we came to the heart.  Being the embodiment of the fans and the culture, we expected the heart to be filled with things hockey-related.  After all, aren’t the Canadiens fans supposed to be among the most die-hard hockey fans in the world.  Being the oldest team in the NHL and considered by many to be the template of how a hockey town should be, surely with the upcoming playoffs, the spirit of hockey would ooze for it’s heart.

Ahh…well that actually isn’t surprising at all.  One of our surgeons actually got 3rd degree burns on his hand after getting too close to the burning hatred and desire for revenge that was in it’s heart.    

We tried to do a little more exploring, but we hit a roadblock.  There was almost nothing left inside.  This iconic representation of the Canadiens organization had absolutely no spine, guts or (thankfully) balls anywhere to be found.  This poor creature is nothing but an empty, miserable shell, nothing but cheap tactics and half-boned priorities.

We couldn’t find out what a Youppi was, but we damn sure know it’s from Montreal.

Once we were done, we weren’t quite sure what to do with what was left, so…

Oh no, now we’ve done it! Call your moms! Call 9-1-1.

Suck it Habs…2 more days until the series starts!